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When Muslims Celebrated Eid Ul Adha

                 When Muslims Celebrated Eid Ul Adha

Muslims celebrated Eid ul Adha on the tenth of the Dhul Hijjah, the twelfth (last month) of the Islamic lunar calendar (calendar according to the moon). It marks the end of Hajj as well.

Eid ul Adha is a universal occasion of Muslims celebration. It is celebrated in the memory of Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). Muslims sacrifices animals all around the world. Pilgrims of Hajj also ends on the day of Eid ul Adha. This festival is overshadowed by a sense of generosity and gratitude colors.

Celebration of Eid Ul Adha and Gregorian Calendar

Muslims celebrated Eid ul Adha according to the lunar calendar due to which it is always on the same date that is the 10th of the Dhul Hijjah. But according to the Gregorian calendar each year it comes on a different date.  Because the lunar calendar is according to moon whereas the Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar. And it is proven that the lunar calendar is approximately 11 days shorter than solar calendar (January-December), as it is based on the phases of the moon. Due to this reason each year Eid ul Adha falls on two to four different solar calendar dates because the boundary of crescent visibility is not linked with international date lines.

Every county has its own religious affairs committee that goes for moon sight on the 29th of each lunar month. The three days after the Eid are also a part of the celebration.

Why Muslims Celebrated Eid Ul Adha on Different Dates in Different Countries

As the Muslims celebration of Eid ul Adha follows the lunar calendar, it is different from the Gregorian dated that is internationally follows in the world. Because international date lines are according to the solar calendar and the appearance of the boundary v the crescent moon has no direct link with it. So Muslims celebrated Eid ul Adha on different dates in a different part of the world. 

When Will Muslims celebrated Eid Ul Adha in 2019?

Muslims will celebrate Eid ul Adha this year in August. It will be celebrated on the 12th of August, and the celebration lasts for four days. It is an uncertain date as the actual time depends on the sightseeing of the moon.

It is a public holiday in all the Muslim countries like Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc. however, in non-Muslim countries, there is no public holiday only some of the Islamic centres were not open there.

Muslims Celebration of Eid Ul Adha and End of Hajj

On the day Muslims celebrated Eid ul Adha the rituals of Hajj came to an end. The pilgrims that gather all around the world to perform Hajj at the Holy place of Mecca celebrated Eid ul Adha. Eid ul Adha also shows the unity among the Muslims of all around the world. Hajj shows the kind of equality among all the people of the world, which is another symbol of Muslims celebration of the Eid ul Adha.

Although Muslims celebrated Eid ul Adha on different dates, it does not change the soul of this festival of celebration. 

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