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Story Behind Eid Ul Adha

Story Behind Eid Ul Adha

The story behind Eid ul Adha is known to every Muslims. It is a part of their faith to believe in that story, which is related to Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). Muslims not only believe in that story behind Eid ul Adha, but they also follow that tradition of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). The story of Hazrat Ibrahim’s sacrifice is narrated by Allah (s.w.t) in Quran. And make it a must ritual for all Muslims to follow on Eid ul Adha.

Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) Dream The Actual Story Behind Eid Ul Adha

According to some scholars Hazrat Ibrahim was 88 years old when he was blessed with his first son, Ismael. In one day he saw in a dream he is sacrificing his only son at that time, Ismael. Firstly he thought that it was a devils trick which he is playing on him. But the next night he saw the same dream again. Soon he wakes up and realizes that it is Allah’s order to kill Ismael. There is no doubt in it as the prophet’s dreams are true, and they are actually the messages of Allah. He knew that Allah wants him to sacrifice his dearest thing, which is his son Ismael. He went to Ismael and told him about his dream. Like his father in an instant, he knew it was a command of Allah. He told his father to fulfill the command of Allah. As Allah’s decision is the best and he is almighty.

Hazrat Ibrahim Journey To Mecca

Soon he started his journey toward Mecca (the mount Arafat), the place which he saw in his dream, along with his son Ismael. On his way, Satan tried to deviate him from the right path. He tried his best to make him one of the disbelievers, the one who disobeys his Gods order. But Hazrat Ibrahim never falls to the trick of Satan, and he is determined on his decision and continues his journey.

Appearance of Sheep

Ismael asked his father to blindfold himself. So he cannot saw his son suffer. He did as Ismael told. He put the blade on Ismael’s neck. But to his surprise when he unfolded himself, he saw a body of a sheep instead of Ismael. Ismael was standing beside him he thought he made a mistake, but just then a sound came that Allah already accepted his sacrifice and He looked after His followers.

Hajj And the Story Behind Eid Ul Adha

Hajj is the last and the fifth pillar of Islam. Which is performed the day before Eid ul Adha. Allah orders Hazrat Ibrahim to leave his wife Hajra and son Ismael in a dessert of Saudi Arabia. He did as his command with plenty of food and water. But soon water and food finish. Hazrat Hajra went back and forth seven times between the hiss of Safa and Marwa looking for water. Allah eases their pain and fountain of water erupted from the place where the feet of Ismael was. Both the journey between hills and partaking are of water are the part of Hajj.

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