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Importance of Eid Ul Adha

                           Importance of Eid Ul Adha

Importance of Eid ul Adha cannot be denied. It is one of the two most significant religious events of Muslims all around the world. It is essential for many reasons. One is the that Eid ul Adha makes sure that we remember the spirit of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S), how he was ready to sacrifice his most beloved person, that is his only son Ismael.

The other of the critical reason is that it marks the end of Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam. All around the world, 3 million people each year goes to Makah to perform Hajj. Celebration of Eid ul Adha is similar to the celebration of Eid ul Adha.

Eid Ul Adha A Thanks Giving Day

Importance of Eid ul Adha is known widely. It is considered as the day of thanksgiving. Muslims came together to show their thanks to Allah (SWT) prior to Eid for helping them in fulfilling their necessary religious obligations. It is not only limited to verbal expression and spiritual obligation, but it goes far more informing the shape of the social and humanitarian spirit.

It is essential to thanks Allah that He brought this day to their life in which they are able to spend their Eid with their friends and family.  

Spirit Of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S)

Muslims sacrifices animals on Eid ul Adha to remember the spirit of sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). That how he is ready to sacrifice Ismael, his cherished and single son. He is ready to sacrifice his son on just one order of Allah (SWT). So this day teaches each and every Muslims that if they want to find the success, they must follow the will of God. For that, the only way to success is to surrender before Allah.

Eid A Day of Remembrance

Eid is a day to remember the glory and favors of Allah. Importance of Eid ul Adha is insufficient without the remembrance of their God. It is a universal act that on happy moments, you always remember your lost loved ones. It is a day to remember your deceased loved ones, those who are lost and pray for them. Give your hand to the one in need, pay cheerful visits to sick, sympathizing grieved ones and give you’re all the good and best wishes to others. Thus the day of remembrance has no boundaries and transcend to all the spheres of life.

A Holy Journey

On the 9th of Dhul Hijjah the day before Eid, pilgrims went to Arafat to spend there all the time in worship. This is an essential act of worship, and no Hajj is said to be performed without it. Then on the day of Eid pilgrims perform their prayers at Muzdalifa, then went to cast stones at three pillars and in the end returned to Mina. Importance of Eid ul Adha is clearly seen that Hajj ends on this day.

Last Saying

Importance of Eid ul Adha is well known to every Muslim. It makes us remember the sacrifice of Ibrahim; it marks the end of Hajj and makes sure to remember those who are in despair.

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