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Animals Slaughter at Eid Ul Adha and Distribution of Meat

Animal slaughter at Eid ul Adha is the central ritual of Muslims and is considered to be the essence of the Eid, which is followed by Muslims all around the world. As animals are sacrificed on this Eid, it is also known as “Eid e Quran”.

Around 1.5 billion Muslims all around the world celebrated Eid ul Adha. According to a survey in Pakistan alone, nearly 10 million animals slaughter at Eid ul Adha. In Muslim countries, people slaughter an animal in their homes while in other countries, there are slaughterhouses where animals are slaughtered.

Why Do Muslims Slaughter Animals on Eid Ul Adha

Muslims did animal slaughter at Eid ul Adha in the remembrance of the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) had a dream.  In which he saw he is killing his only son Ismael. When he woke up, he knew that it was Allah’s order to sacrifice Ismael as Prophets Dreams are true, and they are the will of God. He asked Ismael what your opinion is. And Ismael replied I am ready just do as you are the command. Then he is ready to sacrifice his son. But when he is about to cut the throat of Ismael Allah sent a sheep instead and said your sacrifice is already fulfilled just slaughter sheep.

Muslims all around the world who have the capacity and power to afford animal sacrifice animals. It continues for the three days after the Eid. It gives us a lesson that Allah’s plan is the best for human beings and always submit to the will of God. Only then you can be on the righteous path.

Requirements of the Slaughtering Animal

For those who are in their sound mind and adult Muslims and have the possession of 52.5 tolas of silver or equivalent must perform a sacrifice. Animal to slaughter at Eid ul Adha must be Halal that is it must be a goat, sheep, cow or camel. And it must follow the proper age limit requirements as explained by FAQ. It is better to perform Qurbani on the first day of Eid as the first day is better than the second day, and the second day is better than the third day.

Distribution of Meat

Distribution of meat must be according to Islamic laws. Meat should be divided into three equal part. One is for family, the second part is for relatives, and the last part is for the poor and needy peoples. Those who cannot afford to sacrifice an animal.

You can also donate Qurbani to those who are in need in other countries; it is entirely permissible. There are no restrictions if you want to perform Qurbani for your deceased family members. 

Spread of Happiness

Eid is the second name of happiness and to share that happiness with others. When you slaughter animal at Eid ul Adha and distribute meat among those who are poor and needy, it gives you so much happiness and satisfaction that nothing can be compared to this. The primary purpose of all this is to share your happiness with others.

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